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6 Steps Work permit in canada for citizens outside canada

6 steps how to get work permit in canada

There are a number of steps that you must go through in applying for a work permit in Canada. there are about six stages that you go through before you can work in peace in Canada.

Don’t you feel that the permits you have submitted are complete, but when you come to Canada, you get a shortage of work permit documents?

Pay close attention to each step of the work permit application process. 

Work permit in canada: About Process

Most foreign nationals need a work permit to work in Canada. Answer a few questions if you’re not sure if you need a work permit or which one you should get.

There are 2 types of work permits.

Employer-specific work permit

An employer-specific work permit lets you work in Canada according to the conditions on your work permit, such as

  • the name of the specific employer you can work for
  • how long you can work
  • the location where you can work (if applicable)

Before you apply for an employer-specific work permit, your employer must give you

If your employer doesn’t need to use the Employer Portal

If your employer does not need to use the Employer Portal to submit an offer of employment, they must give you a copy of the employment contract.

Open work permit in canada

An open work permit lets you work for any employer in Canada, except for one that

  • is listed as ineligible on the list of employers who have failed to comply with the conditions, or
  • regularly offers striptease, erotic dance, escort services or erotic massages

You can only get an open work permit in specific situations.

Work permit in canada: Who Can Apply

Eligibility requirements for all applicants

These are specific requirements that you will have to meet, but this will depend on where you are when you apply for a work permit in canada. But regardless of where you apply or which type of work permit you apply for, you must

  • Prove to an officer that you will leave Canada when your work permit expires;
  • Show that you have enough money to take care of yourself and your family members during your stay in Canada and to return home;
  • Obey the law and have no record of criminal activity we may ask you to give us a police clearance certificate;
  • Not be a danger to Canada’s security;
  • Be in good health and have a medical exam, if needed;
  • Not plan to work for an employer listed with the status “ineligible” on the list of employers who failed to comply with the conditions;
  • Not plan to work for an employer who, on a regular basis, offers striptease, erotic dance, escort services or erotic massages; and
  • Give the officer any other documents they ask for to prove you can enter the country.

Eligibility requirements if you apply from outside Canada

You should apply for your work permit before you travel to Canada. However, you can apply for a work permit when you enter Canada if you’re eligible.

To apply at a port of entry (POE), you must meet all of the following:

  • be eligible for an electronic travel authorization or to travel without a visitor visa “find out if you need a visa
  • meet other requirements depending on the type of work permit you’re applying for

Employer-specific work permit applicants

  • Your employer must have completed all of the required steps for your employer-specific work permit in canada.
  • You must be eligible to apply for an open work permit.
  • You may also need to take a medical exam before you come to Canada.

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

If you’ll be working in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program, you’re not eligible to apply for a work permit at a POE.


Most applicants aren’t eligible to give their biometrics at a POE.
To give your biometrics at a POE, you must meet 2 requirements:

  • start and finish your application at the same POE
  • be eligible to apply for a work permit at a POE

How to apply Work Permit in Canada

You need to apply online for a work permit in canada, Where are you applying from?

From Outside Canada

To get priority processing, follow these steps:

  1. Get the National Occupational Classification (NOC) number your employer entered on the
    • offer of employment or
    • labour market impact assessment (LMIA)
  2. Enter that number in the Job title box
    • This is box 4 in the Details of intended work in Canada section.
    • You must enter only the number.

If your occupation is not on the lists below, They still process your application. However, it may take longer than it normally would.

Agriculture and agri-food occupations:

  • Butchers – retail and wholesale (NOC 63201)
  • Meat cutters and fishmongers – retail and wholesale (NOC 65202)
  • Agricultural service contractors and farm supervisors (NOC 82030)
  • Specialized livestock workers and farm machinery operators (NOC 84120)
  • Livestock labourers (NOC 85100)
  • Specialized livestock workers and farm machinery operators (NOC 84120)
  • Livestock labourers (NOC 85100)
  • Harvesting labourers (NOC 85101)
  • Nursery and greenhouse labourers (NOC 85103)
  • Harvesting labourers (NOC 85101)
  • Fish and seafood plant workers (NOC 94142)
  • Labourers in food and beverage processing (NOC 95106)
  • Fish and seafood plant workers (NOC 94142)
  • Labourers in fish and seafood processing (NOC 95107)
  • Industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparers and related workers (NOC 94141)

Health-care occupations:

  • Nursing coordinators and supervisors (NOC 31300)
  • Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses (NOC 31301)
  • Specialists in clinical and laboratory medicine (NOC 31100)
  • Specialists in surgery (NOC 31101)
  • Police investigators and other investigative occupations (NOC 41310)
  • General practitioners and family physicians (NOC 31102)
  • Nurse practitioners (NOC 31302)
  • Physician assistants, midwives and allied health professionals (NOC 31303)
  • Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists (NOC 32103)
  • Other professional occupations in health diagnosing and treating (NOC 31209)
  • Physician assistants, midwives and allied health professionals (NOC 31303)
  • Pharmacists (NOC 31120)
  • Medical laboratory technologists (NOC 32120)
  • Physician assistants, midwives and allied health professionals (NOC 31303)
  • Medical laboratory technologists (NOC 32120)
  • Medical laboratory assistants and related technical occupations (NOC 33101)
  • Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists (NOC 32103)
  • Medical radiation technologists (NOC 32121)
  • Cardiology technologists and electrophysiological diagnostic technologists (NOC 32123)
  • Licensed practical nurses (NOC 32101)
  • Paramedical occupations (NOC 32102)
  • Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates (NOC 33102)
  • Home child care providers (NOC 44100)
  • Home support workers, caregivers and related occupations (NOC 44101)

From Inside Canada

You can apply from inside Canada if one of these applies:

  • you’re a Ukrainian national or an accompanying family member of a Ukrainian national
  • you have a valid study or work permit
  • your spouse, common-law partner or parent has a valid study or work permit
  • you’re eligible for a post-graduation work permit and your study permit is still valid
  • you or your spouse, common-law partner or parent has a temporary resident permit that is valid for 6 months or more
  • you’re waiting on a decision on an application for permanent residence for the
    • in-Canada spousal class
    • temporary resident permit holder class
  • you made or will make a claim for refugee protection
  • you’ve been recognized as a Convention refugee or protected person by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
  • you’re allowed to work in Canada without a work permit, but you need a work permit to work in a different job (this does not apply to business visitors)
  • you’re a trader, investor, intra-company transferee or professional under the Canada–United States–Mexico Agreement (CUSMA)

After you apply work permit in canada

Check processing times varies by country you can check here

as an example:

Work permit in canada processing time
Work Permit Processing Time For Australia Citizen

Prepare for arrival

There are a few things you should know before you arrive in Canada to work.

Prepare your documents

When you arrive in Canada, you must have

  • your passport
  • your visitor visa
  • any travel document(s) you’re carrying

You may also need to show proof that your work permit application was approved. One way to do this is to show the border services officer your port of entry letter of introduction. You’ll get this letter if you

  • applied online or
  • gave us an email address in the work permit application form for communicating with you

You can print this letter or bring an electronic version with you.

You should also bring supporting documents, such as

  • proof that you meet the requirements of the job, such as proof of work experience and education
  • a copy of your employer’s positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), if required
    • you’ll also need a copy of the certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ), if your employer needed an LMIA and you’ll work in Quebec
  • the offer of employment number your employer received when they submitted the offer of employment through the Employer Portal (if you are LMIA exempt and coming to work for a specific employer)

Canada Service Centre

You may find canada service centre near you to help if you have problem when you in Canada.

I hope this information is very useful for those of you who are just about to start working in Canada. happy working in canada!