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Which Jobs Pay the Most in the United States

which jobs pay the most

Have you ever wondered which jobs pay the most in the U.S? When going to pursue a career, we will consider many things. Starting from the desire, expertise, expertise, and the expected salary.

Some difficult jobs are sometimes paid cheaply, and vice versa. Check out the 5 most expensive jobs in the United States.

Salary is one of the main factors considered by the job seekers when finding a job. Aside from salary, job seekers must also pay attention to fields that match their skills and interests.

Choosing a job that matches the job seekers’ interests will ensure that they can stay on the job for a long time. However, there are several jobs that are rarely known to the public, that offer high salaries.

Which Jobs Pay the Most: Doctors

Quoted from The Muse, doctors are the highest paid profession in the United States. All doctors have to go back to school after their undergraduate studies.

Then they must complete residency or postgraduate training for new doctors where they are supervised by a more senior doctor in a particular specialty, before they can become practicing physicians.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics records data on the country’s highest-paid jobs. At least, there are 5 types of jobs that earn the highest wages above the average obtained by each country.

Quoting Business Insider, Saturday (2/3), work as an anesthesiologist ranks first. Armed with expertise in monitoring a patient’s vital signs during surgery, anesthesiologists have high salaries.

In California, the income of anesthesiologists reaches USD 283,860. Next, which jobs pay the most in the States? It’s the surgeon in Michigan who earns the most. The income collected is around USD 281,570 or around Rp. 3.9 billion, assuming the same exchange rate.

And then the medical specialist profession. This job category is a catch for various medical specialties that are not classified in any other group. Some of the specialties in this category include allergists and immunologists, radiologists, hospice, and sports medicine doctors.

The pay for this job in one part of the United States, namely New Hampshire, could reach USD 275,050, still assuming the same exchange rate.

Which jobs pay the most other than the above professions? Dental specialists attend dental school. Depending on their area of ​​specialization, some will need to pursue additional schooling or residency (e.g., following their DDS program, oral and maxillofacial surgeons will need to complete a surgical residency program).

Due to pandemic, dentists must close their clinics and only accept patients with urgent needs. Health care hiring jumped significantly during the pandemic, driven by the reopening of dental clinics, which absorbed 244,800 jobs.

Heartland Dental has more than 1,000 dental clinics in the US. The company estimates the clinics have reabsorbed 6,000 workers, all of whom are returning employees from furlough. Now, which jobs pay the most?

Chief Executive in the Company

The chief executive (also known as the chief executive officer, or CEO) works as the leader of the company. As the highest-ranking person in the company, the chief executive has a myriad of responsibilities. This is what makes them paid dearly.

Do you still wonder which jobs pay the most other than CEO? Airline pilots require a bachelor’s degree and a private pilot license. From there, they must gain a minimum of 1,500 hours of flight experience before being certified to fly commercial aircraft.

The computer and information systems manager are responsible for designing, managing, and maintaining the systems and software that companies use to store, analyze, and communicate data.
To be successful in their role, information systems managers must know the ins and outs of information systems, they usually have a bachelor’s degree in a technology-related field (such as computer science or information technology).

Which jobs pay the most in the U.S? There’s also an elevator supervisor which job is to ensure the elevator can function properly, so that users do not have problems when using it.

If the elevator breaks, they will have to fix it, and ensure that users don’t get stuck in it or fall all the way down. This job gets relatively high salary in the states. The workers are paid around USD 77,000 annually.

Oil Rig Workers and Crime Scene Cleaner

The life of oil rig workers is exhausting as they are expected to be able to work 12 hours a day outdoors. The job includes storing explosives and drilling equipment.

The equipment used often produces loud noises, so the workers must wear earplugs and special protective eyewear. This is to ensure that they do not have hearing or vision problems.

Although it’s physically demanding, the workers are paid huge salaries. They get an average of USD 74,603 per year, and they can be higher if they have a degree or other certification.

Now, which jobs pay the most with high responsibility? There are workers who clean crime scenes and restore it to its original condition. Crime scene cleaners are often exposed to gruesome crime/murder sites, and will come into contact with the blood or bodily fluids of the deceased.

The time required to clean the crime scenes usually varies from a few hours to several days, depending on circumtances. People who work as crime scene cleaners can earn around $75,000 annually, with flexible working hours.

Which Jobs Pay the Most: Garbage Collector

These jobs come with fantastic payouts in the States. They are paid above the national average, especially if they work in large, densely populated cities. It’s estimated that most garbage collectors are paid at least around USD 60,000 annually.

The work includes collecting community trash on every street corner every day. These workers must be careful and ensure their safety when on a busy highway. Besides that, they are also expected to arrive at work every morning.

This job is one that recruits many workers. As businesses are required to improve the sanitation of their facilities to prevent the spread of the virus, cleaning services are more important than ever.

Cleaning services for buildings and residences absorbed 68,400 jobs, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics records. Because they have high responsibility for the community garbage, no wonder they get paid well. Now you know which jobs pay the most in the U.S.