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State of Michigan Jobs that are Popular Amongst Job-Seekers

State of Michigan Jobs

There are a variety of State of Michigan jobs that match job-seekers’ skills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most common profession in the United States is found in the retail industry, and this is consistent across 33 of the 50 states.

The American workplace includes approximately 4.5 mil retail salespeople and 3.5 million cashiers. Jobs in the fast-food industry are also very common in the United States.

Given that unemployment is an important issue, it is important to know where most of the labor force is found. Below is a list of the most common State of Michigan jobs.

It is the most common profession, and includes about 4.5 mil sales people across the US. It also ranks as the most common occupation across the U.S.

Various factors contribute to this popularity, such as few requirements or qualifications, and low job competition. This type of work is equally common for men and women.

There are approximately 3.3 million cashiers in the United States, which makes it the second most common occupation. There are several requirements or qualifications required.

State of Michigan Jobs That Are Popular

Office employees make up about 2.7 million employees across the U.S. Clerical duties may include filing, answering phones, filling envelopes and sending letters, along with other administrative tasks required in an office setting.

The food industry provides significant job opportunities for millions of Americans. There are about 2.6 mil workers in this field. This type of work is often part-time and is most common in urban areas. In addition, approximately 2.2 million waiters and waitresses also work in this industry.

Customer service representatives handle customer inquiries by phone or mail. There are more than 2 million customer service representatives working for companies and agencies across the United States.

Registered nurses coordinate and provide patient care, educate the public about various health conditions, and provide medical and emotional advice to the patients. With more than 2.7 registered nurses nationwide, nursing ranks in the top ten most common professions in the US.

Other Low Paying State of Michigan Jobs

Of the ten most popular professions, all are considered ‘low-paying’, except for registered nurses, who earn nearly $70,000 in annual income. The median annual income level for all occupations in the US is $46,000.

The least common professions belong to the field of prosthodontics. It’s a dentist who specializes in dentures. According to a report released by the American Dental Association in 2010, there are 3,372 prosthodontists practicing across the US.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the most common government job at the federal level is postal service worker. The most common professions include correctional officers in the state governments. Teaching is one of the most common professions at the municipal level.

However, there is something else unusual that is not mentioned in the Bureau of Labor Statistics report. Most mainstream State of Michigan jobs in the retail industry do not pay as high as some rare jobs, such as prosthodontists, which require sufficient education and training.

In addition, informal work is an important part of the economy, but this work is neither reported nor taxed, and is therefore under-represented in official data.

Highest Paying State of Michigan Jobs

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics records data on the country’s highest-paid jobs. At least, there are 5 types of jobs that earn the highest wages above the average obtained by each country.

Quoting Business Insider, Saturday (2/3), work as an anesthesiologist ranks first. Armed with expertise in monitoring a patient’s vital signs during surgery, anesthesiologists have high salaries.

In California, the income of anesthesiologists reaches USD 283,860 or around Rp. 4 billion per year, assuming an exchange rate of Rp. 14,100 per USD.

Second place is the surgeon in Michigan who earns the highest. The income collected is around USD 281,570 or around Rp. 3.9 billion, assuming the same exchange rate. Medical specialist is in the third position.

This State of Michigan jobs category is a catch for various medical specialties that are not classified in any other group. Some of the specialties in this category include allergists and immunologists, radiologists, hospice, and sports medicine doctors.

The pay for this job in one part of the United States, namely New Hampshire, could reach USD 275,050 or around Rp. 3.8 billion, still assuming the same exchange rate. The fourth position is general internist.

General internists are doctors who diagnose and treat non-surgical diseases and injuries of the internal organ systems. They can also provide care, especially for adults who have problems related to their internal organs. This job earns $ 260,500 in Minnesota.

The last position was achieved by the psychiatrist profession. Psychiatrists are responsible for diagnosing a patient’s mental disorder and determining the treatment to be carried out. With this considerable responsibility, the job has a high salary of USD 252,470 in New Jersey, or around Rp. 3.5 billion.

Most Wanted State of Michigan Jobs

There are certain types of jobs that were almost non-existent five years earlier are now sought after throughout the United States. The list of jobs in the top most sought after positions include vaccine specialists, customer marketing managers and mechanical engineers who are being hunted as a result of the Pandemic.

According to LinkedIn, those jobs have recruited hundreds to thousands of new employees over the last five years. Where for certain types of work, such as vaccine specialists who previously had almost no jobs in 2017. Now there are at least hundreds of job vacancies for these professions in 2021.

Vaccine specialists may work in the research, development, production or distribution of vaccines, although these State of Michigan jobs are mostly found in medical sales.

Diversity and inclusion managers typically lead teams of people who support initiatives related to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and ownership in an organization.

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The customer marketing manager often sits between the sales and marketing departments, helping to develop and implement marketing activities to drive customer advocacy and engagement, such as promotional programs and events.

That’s a wide variety of jobs offered in the United States. Job seekers should consider their respective competencies before applying for any of the State of Michigan jobs.