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Reasons Why You Still Not Getting Hired and How to Fix That

Not Getting Hired

Have you ever wondered why you are still not getting hired until now? There are many factors behind this, and it always starts with you. Therefore, we have researched the reasons, which can be your consideration.

Finding a job is an activity that is very difficult to do nowadays. Apart from that, the criteria that the company is looking for are higher, job standards are growing, and now the competition is getting tougher.

It would help if you made the most of the opportunity to get an interview call. You have to do research and practice to get the expected interview results. And you can also feel confident that you will be accepted after that interview.

The acceptance process will also take a long time. In the meantime, you’ll feel that excessive concern arises, and why not get a call to work? In most cases, you won’t know the answer to why you haven’t been accepted for that job.

14 Reasons Why You Still Not Getting Hired and Guide to Fix That

Let’s say now you are getting an interview call. Are you sure that your preparation can lead to the desired job? We hope you will not be disappointed with the interview results and get the best results!

Seeing the current competitive job conditions, we want you to know how to make the not getting hired transition to finally getting a job. If you’re still not getting the job, maybe here’s why:

The Resume isn’t Relevant to the Job

The resume you send to the company during the interview must match what the job requires. Don’t take the wrong step because this will determine whether you are accepted just by looking at your resume first.

The Resume Isn’t Formatted Well

There is also a format for writing a resume. And maybe you are still not getting hired by the company in question because the format is inappropriate or there is no format. Just try to find a resume writing with the ATS format and program.

Applying for the Wrong Jobs

You will automatically not be accepted if you apply for the wrong job. Recruiters will see if you have the capacity to fill a particular slot or not. And if not, then your name will be immediately eliminated.

You Don’t Know Enough About the Company

What you offer to a company must be something valuable. You also have to be able to convince the company that you are relevant. You haven’t been accepted because someone is more competent than you in that dream role.

Haven’t Prepared for the Interview Questions

When you are going to run an interview, one thing you really must do is prepare all kinds of relevant questions. This relates to what recruiters will ask you so that you are no longer “not getting hired” there.

Questions are some of the most common things you can ask, and they’re also the ones you should be able to practice answering so that they are clear and fluent. As for the others, this should also be practiced, but at least you have a plus point in that basic question.

Too Focus on Basic Interview Questions and Give Template Answers

STILL relevant to what we said in point number 5. The answer you gave should not be too basic, or there should be a template. It will decrease your value to the company and keep not getting hired again.

You should learn the various questions that can be asked and never give too familiar an answer. It must be according to yourself, and also make sure that in all cases, you can be flexible in providing answers.

You’re Not Telling the Recruiters Enough

What you say during the interview is the most important. You cannot just give a short answer but still have to be on point. And this is also a difficulty for many job seekers still looking for other jobs.

Too Strong

It could also be that a job does not accept you because you are too strong. This term refers to your capacity and level being too high. So, you are not getting hired because the company considers your rights out of their league.

The solution for conditions like this is that you must be able to adjust all existing conditions. Start by looking for another case and be humble, because that is the primary key. And if you’ve been able to find other relevant solutions, you’re sure to be welcome!

Don’t Stand Out

Do not feel superior to the interviewer because that will ultimately make you rejected at the job. You can stand out, but don’t ever be too much. In this case, you are not getting hired because you did not present the desired value.


Being negative is a disaster, and this is what bothers the rest of the process. Accept if you are a person who has the capacity, but don’t be a negative one. Simply put, if you are excited, you will be viewed more positively.

False Step

You could have taken the wrong step during the interview process. Answers that are too fast or give answers that have nothing to do with them. With just a few false steps, your chance of getting hired becomes much thinner or even nothing.

Just Hard Luck

Have you ever heard of this term? Is that the condition where people rely only on luck factor regardless of all the processes he will undergo? You might not get hired for focusing too much on hard luck, not skills.

Underestimate the Job

Some underestimate the job and have difficulty getting a job. All jobs are basically at the same level, depending on the skills. So, this should also make you smart in determining what kind of job you are entering.


It’s also because multiple positions are available when you get your foot in the door, but you omit them. If in this condition, the system will immediately reject the job request. Mainly if you use an applicant tracking system or ATS.

Jobs are hard to get now, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Even though the competition is fierce, you can be the best. One of the reasons you’re not getting hired is that you can’t determine what is needed at the time.