Marketing Vs Advertising What Makes The Difference

marketing vs advertising

What is Marketing

Marketing is the process of introducing a product or service so that it is known by the public. Marketing also means the process of marketing a product or service, from strategy making to what consumers feel.

According to Hubspot’s Caroline Forsey, marketing or marketing is a process to get people interested in a company’s products or services. In order to carry out this process, it is necessary to carry out market research, analysis and search for the ideal customer.

A very broad definition of marketing describes how the process is in marketing itself. Marketing even starts from the product development process, the distribution method to be carried out, the sale of a product or service, and advertising.

Technological developments make the definition of marketing broaden. Today there are two types of marketing: online and offline. These two concepts are separated by the medium, where online uses the internet, while offline does not.

What is Advertising

Advertising is an activity that can attract consumers’ attention through information service providers or paid platforms. understood as a supporting factor of a marketing that is carried out. If you have successfully analyzed who your target market is, you must find the right way to communicate with them. Your marketing plan should include strategies for positioning yourself as optimally as possible in a very broad market.

Through advertising, you can make efforts to build the trust of potential potential customers by convincing them that you have a good product and what they need.

Next, you have to communicate the product to them to influence their behavior, to be motivated to buy. In achieving these efforts, advertising or advertising must be strategic and focus on their position in the creative media.

That’s an explanation of marketing and advertising and how it works. In addition, there are still many efforts that you have to do to continue to expand the market and increase sales, one of which is by using a Digital Marketing.

Marketing Vs Advertising Which One is More Important

Now, after knowing the definitions of each component, now is the time to turn to the difference between marketing and advertising.

Reporting from Concordia ST Paul, advertising is one specific step of marketing. Advertising uses data and research gathered from marketing strategies.

Apart from that, there are several aspects of the differences that lie between the two components.

Purpose and responsibility Marketing Vs Advertising

The difference that stands out between marketing and advertising lies in the goals and responsibilities of each. As explained above, the purpose of marketing is to research the market and determine the right target market in order to do marketing effectively.

Here are some of the responsibilities of marketing:

  • conduct market research to determine the target market or buyers
  • submit research to the advertising and sales team
  • oversee various marketing approaches

This is different from advertising, whose job is to carry out a marketing strategy by creating advertisements in the form of images, videos or writing. These things serve the purpose of grabbing the customer’s attention.

The responsibilities of advertising are:

  • Design ads uniquely
  • Create storyboards and proposals for advertising
  • Looking for interesting tagline ideas to be placed in ads

The Required Abilities In Marketing Vs Advertising are different

The skills required in marketing and advertising clearly differ from one another. Marketing tends to understand a product or service from a business perspective. In another sense, marketing focuses more on the strategies that will be applied to get a large number of customers.

Here are some skills that help in marketing:

  • Analytical skills
  • Business and financial expertise
  • Research skills

These things are different from advertising. This field is likely to have a deeper understanding of what kind of product and customer to approach.

After that, advertising creates advertisements that are in accordance with the product and target market to be achieved.

Here are some skills that help in advertising:

  • Creativity
  • Good communication skills
  • other technical skills

That’s a brief explanation of the difference between advertising and marketing. Now you can differentiate between marketing and advertising, right?