Job Night Houseman/Security Orange Park, FL

Full Time

Murphco of FL

Job Duties:

Performs a variety of duties to clean and service all public areas of the hotel.

Picks up debris in parking lot, cleans tops of trashcans, empties outdoor trash and takes to dumpster.

In public restrooms: scrubs walls and wash basins with cleaner and disinfectant. Cleans toilet bowls and scrubs and rinses seat and outside of bowl with disinfectant. Scrub and rinse floor, wipe clean mirrors and shelves. Replenish soap, towels, toilet tissue and other supplies as needed.

Checks water supply in fitness room, ensure all kitchen equipment is turned off.

Ensures all meeting rooms are secure –lights, A/C, A/V are all off and doors are locked.

Performs routine duties in the cleaning and servicing of pool deck; cleans tables and chairs, removes towels and pick up any debris in area.

Delivers any requested items to guest rooms. Delivers rapid checkout folders and USA Today newspapers.

Other duties as assigned by Executive Housekeeper or as business and demand dictates.

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