Job Housekeeper Starkville, MS 39759

Full Time

Rolling Hills Developmental Center

Perform the day-to-day activities of the Housekeeping Department in accordance with current Federal, State & local standard guidelines and regulations governing our facility, and as my be directed by the Administrator, and/or Director of Housekeeping, to assure that our facility is maintained in a clean, safe and comfortable manner.

1. Sweep, mop floors daily.
2. Dust furniture, light fixtures, lamps, window ledges & wardrobes daily.
3. Move furniture in rooms and clean in corners, behind furniture and under beds daily.
4. Empty and change liners in waste cans/baskets daily.
5. Clean and wash basins, commodes, lavatories & fixtures daily.
6. Use furniture polish on both wood and chrome furniture as indicated.
7. Spot all walls & doors daily.
8. Keep all equipment, carts, etc., clean and in good working order at all times.
9. Report all needed repairs found to your supervisor and/or maintenance.
10. Follow cleaning schedules provided by your Supervisor.
11. Perform any other task directed by your Supervisor.

12. Attend all required in-services training classes.
13. Attend all department meetings called by your supervisor.
14. Follow all safety rules.
15. Use only supplies needed for the task.

Receives supervision directly from the Housekeeping Supervisor & indirectly from the Administrators.

Must be 18 years of age or older, in good health, both physical and mental. Be able to read and write with clarity sufficient to follow instructions, identify materials from their labels and understand the directors for use. Must be able to make written reports when necessary.

No previous housekeeping or work experience required.

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