Job Housekeeper, Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners Lake Forest, IL

Full Time


Steps To Complete Your Profile:
Complete your Maid/Cleaner profile
Complete your quality verification of your profile using link below-
Upload a copy of your ID by clicking Identity Check on the left hand side of your profile.
Expand to Booking Settings and then click Booking Settings again to update your availability. For example, available Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM.
Expand Payout Settings and update your bank account information to setup payments after completion of your service. This will trigger a direct deposit into your account at the completion of your service.
Click on My Services and then click Add Service (yellow button on top right)
In the Service Name, type Airbnb Cleaning – 1 bed 1 bath and set a fixed price based on your area. For example, if I want to charge $100 for the 1 bed 1 bath cleaning, I’d click the Fixed Cost button and put $100 in the Service Cost field.
Add another service, Airbnb Cleaning – 2 bed 2 bath and set a fixed price
Add another service, Airbnb Cleaning – 3 bed 2 bath and set a price
Add another service, Airbnb Cleaning – 4 bed 3 bath and set a price
Keep adding more service such as Deep cleaning, Standard cleaning and set rates either by hours or fixed cost.
Note** Leaving the hour field empty and setting the rate by hour allows customers to select how many hours they’d like to hire you for.
Happy Cleaning and Happy Earning!!
***This is not a full time job***
Job Type: Part-time
Pay: $40.00 – $150.00 per hour

Self-determined schedule

Supplemental pay types:


Willingness to travel:

25% (Preferred)

Work Location: On the road

To apply for this job please visit