Job House Keeper Ackerman, MS

Full Time

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning of Jackson

Basic Scope/Purpose: Perform all related tasks that are needed to ensure the assigned job-related responsibilities are carried out so the assigned building/account is cleaned to the standards of ServiceMaster and the customer task list.
Description of Duties:

Follow the task list for your assigned building or assigned position. Carry out assigned tasks within the time allotted. *(See General Task List Below)
Maintain your janitorial closet clean, neat, and organized.
Keep equipment clean and supplies organized.
Obtain and maintain passing scores on janitorial Quality Assurance inspections.
Communicate regularly with your supervisor and division manager to ensure that you have the items needed to perform your job and that you are meeting the customer’s expectations.
Communicate with your customer at your assigned facility as needed.
Maintain a safe work environment by ensuring that wet floor signs are used when mopping floors, spray bottles and other containers are appropriately labeled, and your work area is secured at all times.
Secure your building or area once you have completed your assigned tasks.*General Task List,
(Maybe specific details associated with an account that are not listed below.)
Spot clean entrance door glass
Vacuum carpet and carpet runner
Dry and damp mop hard surface floor
Empty trash, replace liners as needed
Dust ledges and other horizontal surfaces
Dust all desks (cleared areas) and chairs
Sanitize telephones
Spot clean walls for finger prints and smudges
Vacuum carpeted traffic areas
Vacuum carpet wall to wall
High and low dust all horizontal surfaces
Dry and damp mop hard surface floors
Empty trash, replace liners as needed
Damp wipe (sanitize) tables
Dry and damp mop floor
Clean and sanitize: sink, counter and outside of microwave
Fill soap and paper towel dispenser
Dust ledges and other horizontal surfaces
Arrange furniture as needed
Empty trash, replace liners as needed
Replace all disposable items: toilet paper, hand towels and soap
Clean and sanitize: sinks, toilets and urinals
Dry and damp mop tile floors
Notify building contact of irregularities and maintenance needs
Turn off all lights (except those designated), secure building and set alarm

This franchise is independently owned and operated by a ServiceMaster Clean® franchisee. Your application will go directly to the franchisee, and all hiring decisions will be made by the management of this franchisee. All inquiries about employment at this location should be made directly to the franchisee, and not to The ServiceMaster Company, LLC.

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