Boilermaker – Maritime Group Leader

Full Time

This individual will lead a crew for onsite installations, maintenance, and upgrades to machinery, equipment, and facilities according to verbal, and written instruction, PI&Ds, engineered drawings, and schematics. This person reports to the Piping Supervisor and project managers.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS

Receives instructions, prints, and work orders for the job. Plans details of working procedure and tools and material requirements. Receives instructions, blueprints, and work orders for the job. Develops working procedure for the job, material requirements, scaffolding, and other equipment required.
Perform related experience and knowledge of codes and specifications for Maritime repair. Reads and deciphers work scope, engineered drawings, and PI&Ds to determine work procedures and build method.
Dismantle, move, rig, assemble, and install equipment
Repairs, lubricates and services machinery and equipment per specifications.
Works safely according to company and site safety standards
Fabricates equipment by cutting, burning, and welding various metals. Repairs equipment by using welding techniques and appropriate welding equipment. Plans and schedules machinery installation and repairs to avoid interfering with plant operations. Follows lockout/tag-out procedures to shut down equipment according to OSHA requirements and company safety rules. Explain and interpret Pipe Welding Symbols following ASA Z32.2.3 latest revision
Cleans and prepares surfaces to be welded. Sets up, assembles, and tacks weld parts. Sets up and operates various pipe cutting, bending, and threading machinery. Demonstrate the preparation and assembly of a pipe assembly containing: Multiple bends, Flanges, and Branch pipes.
Builds up worn or defective surfaces. Bends, cuts, threads, shapes, fabricates and installs pipe according to job specifications. Demonstrate the correct use of all pipe fitting tools and techniques used to cut and fit pipe sections to the required dimensions, and measuring the setup prior to welding.
Uses burning equipment to dismantle assemblies and to cut material to size and shape. Cuts and bores holes in structures such as walls and fixtures before pipe installation; attaches pipes to walls and structures.
Keeps equipment and work area clean and orderly. Installs various types of insulation and pipe covering; removes and disposes of old coverings in line with company hazardous waste procedures and EPA and OSHA requirements.
Demonstrate welding skills to the extent necessary to: Pass the necessary qualifying tests that include ASME, ASW, and other pertinent certifications. Consistently complete an assigned welding task so the weld contains no defects or other reasons for rejection when inspected to the required specification. Makes hydraulic pressure test of piping installations. Checks and adjusts controls, gauges, and valves to achieve control of flow or pressure.
Be able to visually inspect welds to the extent necessary to recognize weld imperfections as defined in all relevant specifications. Be able to understand the various methods of welding inspection and testing employed at RII. Be able to recognize weld defects. Able to recognize and name the various features of a weld. Such as root, toe, leg length, and weld face. Be able to determine when a weld in-process correction is appropriate. Be able to process defective welds. Inspects and maintains facility piping systems, heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems, water treatment and sewer systems, and burners and heaters. Reports deficiencies and corrects problems.
Be able to select the appropriate filler metal per the requirements of the WPS. Understand the meaning of oxide entrapment. Understand in basic terms the metallurgical effect on the weld metal due to: Overheating the weld, Fast cooling, Slow cooling, and Welding contaminated base metal. Posts and keeps up-to-date records of piping systems and controls in the company “Facility Layout” manual. Posts records of safety checks and inspection dates of assigned equipment.
Possess sufficient knowledge and skill to set up, adjust, and operate the welding system to complete and assigned welding tasks. Possess sufficient knowledge and skills to carry out routine maintenance per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Be able to recognize equipment malfunctions that can affect weld quality, safety, and equipment use.
Demonstrate continued workmanship and personal development to the extent necessary to be able to: Engage in continuous improvement activity, process improvements and the development, Adapt and transfer current skills and knowledge to the development of new products and innovations, and Act as a mentor to new and current employees who need skill enhancement.
Other duties as assigned.

1. Know how to access welding documents such as WPS, specifications, work routers, and work instructions. Know the relevance of the WPS and specifications. Successful completion of a 4- or 5-year pipefitter apprenticeship that includes on-the-job and classroom instruction.
2. Know and comply with the RII welding requirements. Be able to use and understand standard welding terminology. Understand the limitations and privileges of being a certified welder. Understand and carry out industrial awareness relating to product workmanship and quality requirements and work efficiency.
3. Understand and demonstrate the safety requirements, precautions, and practices for the safe use of welding equipment to protect oneself, other personnel, and property. These hazards include but are not restricted to Electric shock, Radiation burns, Burns, Fire risks, Ventilation, and Confined Spaces.
4. Demonstrate the safe use and handling of compressed gasses.
5. Able to read and interpret pertinent welding data displayed on the blueprint to the extent necessary to accomplish an assigned welding task. Be able to interpret typical welding symbols on RII and customer blueprints. Able to comprehend relevant data referenced on the blueprint pertinent to the assigned welding task.
6. Understand the range and limitations of the welding machines for the completion of an assigned welding task. Be able to set up and adjust the GTAW/PAW machine to carry out all assigned welding tasks. Be able to diagnose simple malfunctions on the welding equipment in such a way as to recognize when a machine cannot be immediately repaired on the work site. Be able to carry out minor routine maintenance and repair such as rectifying gas leaks, changing liners, changing fuses, and cleaning.
7. Be able to: Select, assemble, and disassemble jigs and fixtures relating to the successful completion of assigned tasks. Installs fixture into welding position.
8. Ability to accurately use and read precision instruments that include but may not be restricted to Micrometers, Vernier gauges, Height gauges, Dial gauges, and Weld inspection gauges.
9. Be able to diagnose when welding consumables are unsatisfactory so that unsuitable consumables are not used in the welding operation. Know the requirements for the storage, issue, use, and when it is necessary to dispose of unsuitable consumables. Possess sufficient knowledge to select the correct welding consumables as detailed in the WPS. Possess basic knowledge of electrical characteristics. Understand in practical terms the characteristics of using argon mixed with hydrogen or helium. Understand the relevance of using the correct weld preparation and weld joint geometry. Be able to select the correct tools, jigs, and fixtures to fabricate and welded assembly. Skilled in the use of power hand tools typically used in the preparation of welded joints.
10. Be able to describe the requirements for all weld joints incorporated on the welded assemblies fabricated at RII. Be able to prepare the correct weld joint per the WPS and customer requirements. Be able to describe and prepare the weld joint surface following the WPS and RII specifications and requirements. Cleans and assembles parts, using solvents, and degreasing equipment.
11. Ability to speak and read English language and texts to the extent necessary to: Communicate and read technical specifications and requirements that relate to product quality, Comprehend safety instructions and other activities relating to the safety of self and others, Complete forms and other data-gathering instruments, Possess numerical literacy to the extent necessary to commutate and comprehend calculations and data associated with an assigned welding task, and process control.
1. Ability to lift 50 lbs. Ability to climb ladders.
2. Possess the physical characteristics and visual acuity for weld certification in accordance with PS 1008.
3. Physical characteristics to produce consistent defect-free welds that conform to the applicable welding specification.
Perform in the field using related experience and knowledge of codes and specifications.
Reads and deciphers work scope, engineered drawings, and PI&Ds to determine work procedures and build method.
Leads the Installation group at the customer work sites.
Dismantle, move, rig, assemble, and install process equipment, machinery as well as facility upgrades.
Install necessary piping to equipment as well as facility upgrades.
Assembles machinery, bolts, welds, or otherwise fastens them to a foundation or other structures.
Repairs, lubricates and services machinery and equipment per specifications.
Works safely according to company and site safety standards.

The successful candidate must have experience with MIG, TIG, and Stick, welding process to qualify for the Pipe 6-G and structural in various positions both in stainless steel and steel. Past welding certification history is a must.
Must be able to both fit and connect process piping utilizing welding, sweating, swaging, gluing, bolting, threading, clamping, est.
Experience with installation of sanitary (food and pharmaceutical) process piping and Orbital welding.
Able to use various measuring equipment.
Qualified individuals must possess a full range of mechanical knowledge as well as the ability to fabricate and install piping and equipment as specified on drawings and PI&Ds.
This individual should have excellent communication skills and be a team player.
A strong customer-service focus is essential to succeed in this position.
Interested candidates should be willing to work flexible hours to meet the installation needs of our customers.
Able to work overtime when needed.
Have all the necessary hand tools to perform their discipline.
Able to supply their own transportation to and from job sites within the tri-state area.
Past Forman/leader history in piping installation is required.
High school Graduate, related to Trade school and History of past experience in this industry required.
Journeyman Specialists
High school education or equivalent, trade school degree.
Knows how to demonstrate the use of square, measuring tape, and ruler in English and Metric Systems.
Eight (8) years experience in the Metal Trades Industry (shipyards, fabrication shops, mechanical contractors, etc.).
Demonstrate ability to read and understand shop drawings and blueprints.
Fabricate complex weldments using good fabrication skills and tack weld fitted parts via the Rhoads Training Standards.
Demonstrate the knowledge of at least three (3) welding processes (GTAW, FCAW, SMAW, GMAW, and SAW) and perform them satisfactorily via the Rhoads Training Standards.
Certified in three (3) welding processes (GTAW, FCAW, SMAW, GMAW, and SAW) via the Rhoads Training Standards.
Demonstrate pipe fitting skills.
Must have the knowledge and ability to sketch Isometric drawings and relay information back to management for approval.
Certified in two (2) processes (GTAW, FCAW, SMAW, GMAW) in the 6-G position via the Rhoads Training Standards.
Basic Computer skills.

Rhoads is committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer, making decisions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, or any other protected class. U.S. Citizenship is required for most positions.
Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $36.00 – $40.00 per hour

Dental insurance
Health insurance
Paid time off
Vision insurance


8 hour shift

Weekly day range:

Monday to Friday

Ability to commute/relocate:

Philadelphia, PA 19112: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Required)


High school or equivalent (Required)


minimum in each MIG, TIG, & Stick welding processes: 2 years (Required)

Work Location: In personHealth insurance

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