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Job and Family Services to Provide Training for Workers

job and family services

To increase the workers’ quality, the job and family services will provide training to level up the competency. The new year is a new opportunity for you to develop your career. It’s also a perfect time to pursue a new field of work that might lead you to realize your dreams faster.

There are 10 professions that are predicted to be needed the most in 2022. Jobs from these professions are needed because there is so much demand in society as a result of the re-growth of the economy and industry which was stopped due to the pandemic.

Job and Family Services Provide Training

Generally, job training or training in a company is always closely related to the results of employee performance in the company. By conducting training, employees can have the knowledge, abilities, and skills in accordance with the work they do.

Companies always need competent personnel in their fields to increase profits and company development. Therefore, employee training and coaching is an important thing to do.

Training is considered as one of the effective media to improve employee capabilities and support the pace of company development. Job training from job and family services has 3 (three) objectives or objectivity to be achieved from these activities, namely:

  1. Science (Knowledge)

Employees who are trained or fostered by the company are expected to gain sufficient knowledge to be able to do the tasks that will be given.

  1. Ability (Skill)

Newly trained employees are expected to be able and able to perform tasks when placed in a predetermined process.

  1. Determination of Attitude (Attitude)

After conducting job training, new employees are expected to have an interest in and awareness of the work to be done. The objectives to be achieved from the employee training program from job and family services are basically to support the smooth operation and productivity of the company.

Training can be carried out by the company itself internally, or externally, such as inviting trainers from outside or bringing new employees to training outside the company.

Types of Job Training in Companies

Job training can be done in various ways, here are the types of training that can be applied in a company:

  1. Job/Technical Training

This type of training focuses more on the job/task and the techniques needed to do the job.

  1. Interpersonal and Problem Solving Training

This training is more centered on how to solve problems in a production process.

  1. Developmental and Innovative Training

This type of training from job and family services will train development and innovation in employees to help the company’s operations.

Required and Regular Training

This type of training is better known as routine training, namely employee training that is carried out by the company periodically and gradually over a certain period of time. This type of training is the most widely carried out by companies.

1. Jobs That Are Much Needed and Require Training: Nurses and Homecare’s

Nurses and personal health workers, also known as homecare’s are positions that are popular and need good quality workers.

Many people have begun to pay attention to their health due to the pandemic. They are also increasingly aware that they should start checking themselves with professionals on a regular basis.

But they are more comfortable to check at their own home than having to come to the health facility for safety reasons. Especially for those who are elderly. Therefore, the demand for homecare’s in 2022 will soar.

It is no longer a surprise to see the nursing profession enter the top list that will be most sought after in 2022 in the job and family services. Because this job is needed so much considering that the global pandemic is not over yet and awareness of the importance of health is increasing.

Over the past two years, the world has lost a lot of nurses. This is because they are at the forefront of fighting the pandemic. It’s not an exaggeration if they’re also called heroes because their services have saved more lives.

2. Software Developers

The more sophisticated the technology becomes, especially in this digital era, the more workers are needed to develop it. Software developer or what is known as software developer is one of the professions that will be in high demand in 2022.

Starting from the developers to keep their software bugs-free, to those who are able to create new devices to make life easier in this modern era.

However, you will need a minimum diploma to apply for this job. But there are many companies that accept developers who only have certificates from informal education, especially if you have trained from job and family services.

3. Market Research Analyst

The global economic market and trade fluctuations over the past two years are truly unpredictable due to the pandemic that has hit all sectors, so its growth and movement is completely unpredictable.

The market research analyst profession is in great demand especially during and after the pandemic. This is because many companies are more careful before making their decisions. Of course, no one wants to lose or at least suppress losses in these difficult times.

4. Data Analyst

Data expert or data analyst is one of the most sought-after jobs by many companies in the job and family services sector. In fact, almost all industries require data analysts.

Yes, that’s because companies need people who are able to read, understand, and translate data, in the form of numbers, into reports that are easy for management to understand.

Those of you who want to work as data analysts must have several skills, namely programming languages ​​(SQL, Oracle, and others), mathematical and statistical skills, understand the Adobe Campaign software. This is suitable for those of you who graduated from IT, economics, mathematics, and management.

Digital Marketing in the Job and Family Services

HRD requires a lot of power in the field of digital marketing. Specifically, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), data analysis, email marketing, CMS (Content Management System), and is active on social media.

Of course, the digital marketing team is responsible for marketing the products and services sold by the company through digital channels, such as websites, email, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), blogs, and other digital channels.

The role of digital marketing in a company is very important. To run promotions according to the targeted market. Examples are based on location, interests, monthly income, age, and many others. Those are the things handled by the job and family services.